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  • Dan Howard

What Do You Do When Your Brain Becomes Your Enemy?

Without resources or support, many of Portland's most vulnerable members face mental health struggles alone.

PACS has always worked on the front lines in the fight against hunger. Our store gives those on a shoestring budget the opportunity to purchase clothes and home goods they wouldn't otherwise be able to. In the past, the PACS medical clinic and now the Gateway Grace Dental Clinic have both filled huge needs, but there is still a lack of mental health resources among our clients

Jonathan Stephan is working to fill that need. As PACS' new chaplain, he uses his Master's degrees in Social Work and Divinity to create a safe place for anyone to receive mental health assistance. Here's what he has to say about the new program.

"Here at PACS, we take the Bible seriously when it tells us to care for the practical, tangible needs of those around us. In Luke 3, it says that whoever has two shirts should share with the person who doesn't have any. Unfortunately, mental health resources and counseling are often financially out of reach to those who need them most, but thanks to PACS' donors and community partners, we are beginning to change that here. Thank you!"

Jonathan Stephan LMSW, MDiv
Pastor Jonathan Stephan


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