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Food Pantry

Every month, over 5,600 adults and children, some homeless, but most who are living in low-income households, receive food from PACS. The groceries that families receive from PACS help them to meet their food needs for the month.

If you need help with food assistance, our Food Pantry accepts walk-in clients every Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  We serve 80-100 people each day. You are allowed to access the food pantry only one time each month.


Our procedure for distributing food in a safe way is to fill boxes with fruits and vegetables, grains, meats, beans, and dairy products, and place them directly in your vehicle when you come. You will receive a 3-5 day supply of groceries for all of those living in your household. There will be a line of cars waiting, thank you for your patience as our volunteers fill boxes as fast as possible. 

Our Food Pantry follows the US Department of Agriculture’s Nondiscrimination Policy. We do not ask about your immigration status. PACS welcomes everyone!

Questions? Want to partner with us? Please reach out to Tim Zollbrecht, Associate Director, at or

503-252-8500 x1111.

What to Expect When You Come

  1. The Food Pantry opens at 9:00 am and the door closes at 11:00 am. As long as you arrive before 11:00 am you will receive food that day.

  2. When you arrive you will take a number and families are served in the order that they arrive. You will be asked for evidence that you live in Oregon, This could be showing a photo ID, a utility bill, or a piece of mail showing your name and address.

  3. When your number is called you will talk briefly will an intake person who will ask you a few general questions about the number of people in your household before you get your boxes. 

  4. We will enter basic information in a database that is only shared with the Oregon Food Bank. Important! We are not a government agency and we do not ask you about or share information about your immigration status. We protect your personal information and keep it secure.

  5. Please understand that we strive to be efficient and respect your time.  However, our size and dependency on volunteers mean that the entire process from start to finish may take up to two hours.  

  6. The PACS Food Pantry has plenty of parking and Trimet Bus Stop 2258 servicing line 77 eastbound (line 77) is located in front of our building. Trimet Bus Stops servicing both lines 77 westbound and 23 in both directions (line 23) are within a block of PACS. We are also a 1-mile walk from the Gateway Transit Center.

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