PACS Strategic Plan – 2019-2022

We invite you to download a copy of our full strategic plan by clicking here: PACS Strategic Plan.

The PACS 2019-2022 strategic plan is a clear call that extends the vision and mission of PACS. The change that we seek to implement over the next three years is to recast the work of PACS. In three years from now, we will not be a community service agency meeting the basic needs of our diverse and lower income communities. PACS will become an Urban Ministry that fosters connections between the community and their deep-seated spiritual needs. Community service will be the vehicle rather than the destination. The destination will be a thriving community that’s a safe place to express the collective spiritual desires of the heart. We will be weavers, creating a rich tapestry that becomes a spiritual community in the Gateway area.

The priorities of this plan include five priorities that strengthen our existing services. Throughout this planning period, we will continue to improve our food, thrift, and health ministries.

However, social service support is no longer enough to minister to a broken and hurting community living on the edge of poverty.  The world needs today what it needed nineteen hundred years ago—a revelation of Jesus Christ.  We are being called to weep with those that weep and rejoice with those that rejoice. Accompanied by the power of prayer and the love of God, we are to open the hearts of our community to meet Christ right where they are.

Our community needs not just clothing, but of Christ’s righteousness. Not just emergency groceries, but the Bread of Life, and not just in need of physical health, but spiritual health.  To this end, PACS will expand its mission through a sixth priority to develop a community-based chaplaincy program.

Our Strategic Priorities

  Strengthen our Thrift Store ministry to support the dignity and worth of patrons through a culture of beauty, community, and service.

  Expand our Food ministries to ensure people feel supported by high quality, nutritious food, and an experience that is welcoming and dignified.

  Broaden our support and engagement with constituent churches to create stronger ties between PACS and our family of churches.

  Build on our existing volunteer ministry by strengthening our existing volunteer efforts and by creating innovative opportunities for volunteering with PACS.

  Strengthen our Dental and Wellness Center to provide quality care and integrated social service and healthcare support.

  Establish a Community Chaplaincy Program to meet the spiritual needs of community members, volunteers, and staff.