PACS Health Center

PACS Health Center

Point of Transition

Our PACS Health Center is a place where volunteer primary care providers have ministered to the needs of uninsured and low-income clients since 1993. Influenced by many factors, health care delivery models have changed through the years; regardless, the healthcare team at PACS Health Clinic has reached out to a wide variety of people from multiple cultures and language groups.

Over the course of its history, the clinic staff has touched many lives, and many positive outcomes have resulted-stories of early cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and infectious disease detection, referral and treatment. The PACS Health Clinic has become connected to the local community and is a member of the Coalition of Community Health Clinics (CCHC). The CCHC is a group of clinics dedicated to serving the health needs of the Portland Metro neighborhoods.

In 2018, we are revising our health clinic model to foster integration of dental health with primary care. During this planning stage, we will reduce our clinic delivery of primary care services. If you are in need of healthcare, please visit the CCHC website for a list of low-cost providers or call us and we can assist you in finding appropriate medical care to meet your needs. Contact our clinic Monday – Friday 9 am – 12 pm at (503) 252-4589.

Currently, we are not accepting donations of medications, and we do not dispose of sharps. Serviceable home medical equipment are accepted as donations to the PACS Thrift Stores.

A New PACS Health Center Vision

Since the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, the PACS Health Clinic began accepting insured patients to maintain its outreach. During this time, we created an updated care delivery model. A new PACS Health Center with dental, medical and vision care would provide more opportunity for ministry. In 2017, the lengthy process of planning and permitting associated with the renovation of our new health center building was completed. This new center is adjacent to our current facility. This building will house a combined medical and dental center and will open by the end of 2018. We are planning on adding vision care to our services in 2019.