PACS Food Pantry

PACS Drive-thru Food Pantry Update

Effective March 15, 2020

If you need food, PACS Food Pantry stands ready to help during normal hours:
Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 11:00 am.

In order to keep everyone healthy, the experience will be a lot different from how we normally serve you.

1) We will distribute pre-made boxes and as much fresh/frozen food as possible.

2) Food will be given outside our food pantry doors. Watch for signs and volunteers to direct you.
Please dress warm if you are coming on foot or public transportation for food.

If you cannot make it to PACS please send a note with a friend or neighbor and they can get it for you.
Any questions please call 503-252-8500 or email

Thank you for being patient and flexible during these changing times.

PACS Address: 11020 NE Halsey St, Portland 97220


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PACS Food Pantry

Every month, over 5,600 adults and children, some homeless, but most who are living in low-income households, receive food from PACS. The groceries that families receive from PACS helps them to meet their food needs for the month.

If you need help with food assistance, our Food Pantry accepts walk-in clients every Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  We serve 80-100 people each day. You are allowed to access the food pantry only one time each month. Our Food Pantry is set up like a grocery store so that you can choose foods ranging from fruits and vegetables, to grains, meats, beans, and dairy products, according to federal food guidelines (More Information). You will be able to shop for a 3-5 day supply of groceries for all of those living in your household.

Our Food Pantry follows the US Department of Agriculture’s Nondiscrimination Policy (PDF Document Link). We do not ask about your immigration status. PACS welcomes everyone.

What to Expect and Bring

1.  The Food Pantry opens at 9:00 am and the door closes at 11:00 am. As long as you arrive before 11:00 am you will receive food that day.

2.  When you arrive you will take a number and families are served in the order that they arrive. You will be asked for evidence that you live in Oregon, This could be showing a photo ID, a utility bill or piece of mail showing your name and address.

3.  When your number is called you will talk briefly will an intake person who will ask you a few general questions about your income and number of people in your household before you start shopping. See chart on the right.

4.  We will enter basic information in a database that is only shared with the Oregon Food Bank. Important! We are not a government agency and we do not ask you about or share information about your immigration status. We protect your personal information and keep it secure.

5.  You will receive a shopping list that is based on the number of people in your household and you will be able to start choosing your groceries.  We will have volunteers who can help you make choices.

6.  When you finish shopping you will check out and bag or box your groceries. There is no cost to you for the food that we provide to you. Please feel free to bring your own reusable bags if you have them.

7.  Please understand that we strive to be efficient and respect your time.  However, our size and dependency on volunteers mean that the entire process from start to finish may take up to two hours.  

The PACS Food Pantry has plenty of parking and Trimet Bus Stop 2258 servicing line 77 eastbound (line 77) is located in front of our building. Trimet Bus Stops servicing both lines 77 westbound and 23 in both directions (line 23) are within a block of PACS. We are also a 1-mile walk from the Gateway Transit Center.

Our Food Pantry Partners

Grocery Partners

PACS has direct relationships with a number of grocery stores as a primary source of our donated food.  Our grocery partners include Trader Joes, Fred Meyers, Safeway, Target, Franz Bakery, and 7-11. These core business partners drive our ability to serve families and we are proud to have long-term relationships that support families and individuals who are experiencing food insecurity.

Oregon Food Bank

PACS is proud to partner with the Oregon Food Bank to carry out our work. Through our relationship with this great organization, we receive some food at no cost and purchase additional food at subsidized prices. In addition, we receive grant support, database support, training, and the opportunity to be part of a statewide network working to end hunger in the state of Oregon.  Being part of a network of food pantries allows us to magnify our impact and advocate for socially just and equitable public policies related to hunger and poverty.

Birch Community Services

PACS also partners with Birch Community Services, who provides a unique model of helping low-income families succeed.  The scale of their operation allows them to be an additional source of food for our food pantry.

Individual Donations and Business Food Drives

We also receive food donations from company food drives, independent grocers, and individuals who purchase or grow fresh fruits and vegetables. If you or your business is interested in hosting a food drive to benefit PACS, please contact Tim Zollbrecht, Associate Director, at or 503-252-8500 x1111.