Engaging in the Compassion of the Community

Engaging in the Compassion of the Community The fourth circle of Christian compassion is engaging in the compassion of the community. This article continues our exploration of the five circles of Christian compassion (see here). In this article series, we have moved from personal compassion, to a church ministry of compassion, to establishing a faith-based organization. But here, many faith-based agencies do not go far enough.  Too often faith-based nonprofits are insular and operate in a vacuum. In reality, however, faith-based agencies are connected to ... Read more
Building a Community Service Nonprofit

Building a Community Service Nonprofit

Building a Community Service Nonprofit This article continues the series on the five circles of Christian Compassion (here). The series started with discussing personal compassion (here) and moved to the second circle, which is the compassion of a church (here). This article discusses the third circle of compassion, which is organizational compassion. When your community service outgrows the boundaries of your church and an all-volunteer supported ministry, your program has crossed the line to become an organization. To be successful the leap ... Read more

Practicing Compassionate Public Policy

Practicing Compassionate Public Policy Five circles of Christian compassion are the foundation stones of faith-based community service.  This article series discusses public policy as the fifth circle of compassion. Part one of the series outlined the biblical foundations of Christian involvement in public policy (here). Part two described the historical basis for Seventh-day Adventist involvement in political issues (here). This article concludes the series by offering concrete ideas for practicing compassionate public policy. I would like to be very clear what a Christian response to public policy is ... Read more
Practice of Christian Compassion

The Practice of Christian Compassion

In the first article of this series, I presented an overview of a framework that I am calling the Five Circles of Christian Compassion. In this article, I want to start digging deeper into the structure, beginning with the first circle of personal compassion.  Many reading this article already practice compassion in their everyday walk of faith. If this is you, I encourage you to leave your story in the comments section below. Faith comes alive as we tell our stories. ... Read more