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Christian Compassion and Public Policy

Christian Compassion and Public Policy This article continues the discussion of the five circles of Christian compassion and explores the outermost circle of compassion as it is reflected in public policy. Solutions for complex societal problems require the coordinated efforts of individuals, churches, organizations, and the government. This coordinated work includes developing and implementing public policies to address the root causes of social problems. As citizens in a participatory democracy, we have a responsibility to help shape policy initiatives. Even more so, ... Read more
Practice of Christian Compassion

The Practice of Christian Compassion

In the first article of this series, I presented an overview of a framework that I am calling the Five Circles of Christian Compassion. In this article, I want to start digging deeper into the structure, beginning with the first circle of personal compassion.  Many reading this article already practice compassion in their everyday walk of faith. If this is you, I encourage you to leave your story in the comments section below. Faith comes alive as we tell our stories. ... Read more
Circles of Compassion

Five Circles of Christian Compassion

Five Circles of Christian Compassion Poverty and homelessness are complex issues and for those of us in Community Service work, that complexity requires us to think about five circles of Christian compassion. At the center of each circle are our Christian values and at the outer edge of each circle are the boundaries of our compassion. Understanding the circles of compassion help us develop a Christian response and frees us from the paralysis of being unsure of the “right” and “wrong” action ... Read more
Beginnings of a Community of Service

Beginnings of a Community of Service

Beginnings of a Community of Service Welcome to our new blog, Building a Community of Service. As a faith-based nonprofit, Portland Adventist Community Services (PACS) serves those living on the edge of poverty. We are launching this blog as a place of learning, strategy, and inspiration for those involved in faith-based community service ministries. As this blog grows, our goal is to learn together by furthering our understanding of poverty and how churches and other faith-based groups can respond to those in ... Read more